Rustic Wedding Cakes - Key Wedding Cake Trends 2017 - Rosewood Cakes, Glasgow, Scotland

Photo - Feelin' Groovy Photography - Model Kevin Miller - Venue Comrie Croft

Photo - Feelin' Groovy Photography - Model Kevin Miller - Venue Comrie Croft

I'm going to do a few features on the popular wedding cake trends we're seeing right now at Rosewood Cakes,  which will hopefully provide you with some inspiration and ideas for your wedding!

Rustic cakes have found longevity when the rest of the 'vintage' wedding styles became less popular.  I had to laugh during a consultation the other day, when  a bride told me that describing things as vintage was one of her pet hates.   What does it even mean, she asked rhetorically.  With wedding cakes, the vintage style saw lots of lace, classic jewellery like cameons and pearls, and predominantly shades of dusky pink roses, arranged in an ornamental style, with a neutral colour palette.  

Now we're seeing flowers arranged in more of a free-form style, with lots of foliage.  Cakes in 2017 rarely feature jewellery, but have more of a clean organic feel - loose ruffles, minerals and lots of white and green.    Rustic style wedding cakes are relatively plain and simple, and often related to the countryside or have a rural aspect.   Flowers can be real, or made from sugar - so long as the sugar flowers have a natural, wild appearance!  I prefer to use sugar flowers as much as possible, they can be a beautiful keepsake from your wedding day. 

Suzanne Li Photography at  Flowers - A Curious Arrangement - Venue Windmill Barn

Suzanne Li Photography at  Flowers - A Curious Arrangement - Venue Windmill Barn

It can be tempting to immediately think of buttercreamed and naked cakes, covered with fresh flowers,  when thinking of rustic style wedding cakes, but all of these cakes show that iced cakes and sugar flowers can have the same impression.  For me, these styles have the edge as not only are they much more stable and will last longer with the icing to keep the sponge fresh and secure, the sugar flowers always have the wow factor.  

When I design a cake, I hope that the reaction people have when they look at it, is one which makes them take a second look and look closer!    I've been so lucky to have so many wonderfully creative and stylish couples, who want their cake to stand out, it's creating these beautifully artistic designs which is the part of the job I love the most.

elegant and rustic wedding styles - rosewood cakes

Burlap or hessian is a classic way to give your cake the rustic style edge, and it looks wonderful paired with lace.  The cake below was for a beautiful, elegant barn wedding at the stunning Errol Park Estates in Perthshire

burlap hessian rustic wedding cake - rosewood cakes glasgow scotland - errol park estate weddings

Of course, the buttercreamed and naked cake styles remain ever popular, and may well be here to stay.....  Key to their success is the quality of the flowers you decorate them with (the red berries in the middle cake are made from sugar, we would never put anything toxic on a cake!)

elegant and rustic buttercream wedding cakes, glasgow, scotland

Of course, the perfect way to display your rustic cake is on a tree trunk!  Just make sure it's been treated to be food safe. 

Here at Rosewood Cakes, we're always thinking outside of the box to bring you the cake of your dreams, with your own individual style.  Please contact us on with any queries, and follow us on social media to see all our latest cakes!  These are mostly updated via Facebook and  on Instagram   Click on the hyperlinks to see our pages. 

Thanks for reading, we'll have more 2017 Key Wedding Cake Trend features to bring you!