Buttercreamed and Naked Cakes - Simple, Natural, Beautiful - Rosewood Cakes, Luxury Wedding Cakes Glasgow, Scotland

Rustic cakes are here to stay!  They're not just for those who aren't keen on icing, they're perfect for laid-back weddings, with a natural feel.    

Sorn Castle Weddings

Key to the success of these cakes, is the quality of the flowers and foliage used for decoration.  Supermarket flowers really won't cut it here!    You need to be sure also that the florals used are free from pesticides,  are non toxic, and that the stems of the flowers will never touch the actual cake,


Cottiers Weddings

You can really convey the seasons  through the decor, in this cake the gyp, eucalyptus, white roses and red berries (these are made from sugar) show this is a winter wedding cake. 

You can take the buttercream right down to the bare minimum, so the sponge below shows through.   The waxflower crowns, so intricately made, stop this cake having a 'home-made' look, provided by Jen at Wildflower Florist  (not that we have anything against home-made cakes at all, but when you're buying a cake from a professional it should have a professional edge).  The gold-dusted macarons add a touch of glamour, and balance out the style of this cake, making the overall look chic. 


An alternative choice is to go for a delectable display of icing-free cakes for your guests to help themselves to.  Adorned with fruits and flowers, these are so appetising. 

Carlowrie Castle Weddings

An iced base  with a shimmer metallic colour provides a perfect foil to the rustic top tiers.  These are naked cakes gone glamorous!  Florals by Mood Flowers

The Cruin Weddings

Textured buttercream and stunning florals that match the bouquet, provided by the fantastic Floral Menagerie

Trades Hall Weddings

Succulents give this cake an alternative edge.  Provided by Mood Flowers