Five Edible Wedding Favour Ideas that your Guests Will Love! - Rosewood Cakes, Luxury Wedding Cakes Glasgow, Scotland

Image - Fiona Watson Photography

Image - Fiona Watson Photography

Choosing wedding favours can be a little tricky, how do you find something memorable that your guests are going to enjoy?  

For me, the best wedding favours are edible (no surprise there!), something to pop in my handbag to enjoy on the way home, or give to the children if they haven't been at the wedding.   Who doesn't smile when they get to their place at the table and find a little sweet treat with a cute personalised message on it?   

When choosing an edible wedding favour, it needs to be something which will keep well, at least a couple of days.   And while they're not exactly groundbreaking in terms of unique wedding favours, they are easily differentiated by the choice of packaging and personalised tag on them, ensuring your wedding has something memorable that your guests will love!  

So here are our top five most popular wedding favours!

Macaron Wedding Favour - Rosewood Cakes Luxury Wedding Cakes Glasgow Scotland

1. Macaron Wedding Favours

Of all the delightful treats we concoct in the Rosewood Cakes kitchen, these are the ones which I cannot resist.   I can't even decide on a favourite!  It's a toss between the vivid green pistachio with creamy pistachio butter, or the raspberry with the chewy and sharp raspberry centres.  I just love these, they are always so well received, and brushing them with a touch of gold lustre dust just adds an extra little edge of luxury.   These bijou little cake domes add a touch of Alice in Wonderland whimsy, though we usually present them in little boxes with a heart shaped window, embossed in a pretty patern. 




2.  Cake Pop Wedding Favours

These are delicious dense little truffles made with cake, usually we always make them with chocolate as they are so appropriately decadent.  They flavour well (we recommend the chocolate orange) and can be decorated in so many different ways, from simple sprinkles to match the wedding colours, to little sugar flowers, to full on bride and groom outfits!

We designed these tags for Amanda and Sanjay to reflect the white, black and silver romantic theme of the wedding, with an elaborate border.  

The female guests got the bride pop, and the male guests received the groom pop!   Super cute. 

cake pop wedding favours - rosewood cakes luxury wedding cakes glasgow scotland



3. Chocolate Wedding Favours

One of our specialities at Rosewood Cakes are our decadent real fruit truffles.   A mouth-watering combination of dark, creamy chocolate ganache, cut through with the sharp sweetness of real fruit.  We don't use flavour extracts here, it's all natural and trust me, one is never enough!  Consider serving a few of these in a little box for your guests to take home.  We can do all sorts of flavours, at Rosewood Cakes absolutely everything is bespoke to the client's specific tastes. 

Chocolate Wedding Favours - Rosewood Cakes - Luxury Wedding Cakes Glasgow Scotland

4. Cupcake Wedding Favours

When made as wedding favours, cupcakes are best baked with a dense sponge such as chocolate, sticky toffee or carrot as these sponges improve over time and don't dry out so easily.  Having a domed icing top not only keeps the cupcake fresh, but is a beautiful polished finish, and also stops buttercream from getting everywhere!  They look best with two or three different designs on top, and we always serve these in beautiful lacey wrappers for that finishing touch.  These can be presented in little clear bags or individual cupcake boxes. 

Cupcake Wedding Favours - Rosewood Cakes - Luxury Wedding Cakes Glasgow Scotland

5. Tablet and Fudge Wedding Favours

Scottish weddings love a bit of tablet, so this is perfect if you're planning a Scottish themed wedding.  We can accommodate dietary requirements, allergies and intolerances, we've even created vegan tablet wedding favours which tasted delicious, even to non-vegans!   We think tablet is best when made close to the original recipe, but fudge is a fantastic way to add flavours - think Baileys, clotted cream or cookie flavoured fudge?