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Getting married in 2017 - and looking for a fix wedding cake inspiration? Here are our most requested cake designs for the coming year. There are some strong trends amongst the orders for next year’s wedding cakes –  think nature, neutral tones, simple beauty, foodie-inspired and sensational luxe.  Wedding cakes are no longer seen as a generic formality of traditional fruit cake coated in royal icing; rather they're a creative, stylish centrepiece to the wedding. Cakes have become an individual expression, something memorable not only in appearance but in taste. 


#1 Art-inspired cakes

Handpainted cakes really push the boat out when it comes to eye-catching designs, making them perfect for arty couples who want something truly unique..

Birds - Rosewood Cakes Glasgow

#2 Marbled and geode cakes

Geology inspired cakes have a surprising beauty and cohesion with cakes. The geodes are made from rock candy so are completely edible. An excellent choice for those who aren’t keen on overly feminine styles, but these also work well with sugar flowers and in different colours. (photo – Rhiannon Neale Photography)

geode cake rosewood cakes glasgow

#3 Watercolour cakes

The gold and blue shimmer lustre makes this design really apt for a beach wedding, with a dreamy, boho vibe. Perfectly adapted with different pastel colours to adapt to outdoor weddings (photo – Suzanne Li Photography)

watercolour - rosewood cakes glasgow

#4 Semi-naked

The naked cakes have grown up, more sophisticated older sister! Whilst still retaining the rustic features which make them perfect for barn or outdoor weddings. Gold dusted macarons add a touch of luxe and keep the cake completely on-trend. (photo – Feelin’ Groovy Photography)


semi-naked - comrie - rosewood cakes glasgow scotland

#5 Suspended cakes

If you’re looking for something completely memorable and outrageous, the suspended cake is as sensational as they come! If your venue can’t accommodate fitting the cake to the ceiling there are stands for hire. (photo – Tandem Photo)

suspended cake - rosewood cakes luxury wedding cakes glasgow west end scotland.jpg

#6 Staging your cake

Maximise the impact of your cake by presenting it on a bespoke base made by your florist, or consider sprinkling rose petals on the table around it, or displaying some tealights. It all adds to the overall effect. (photo – Tandem Photo, floral base – Narcsissus Wedding Flowers by Susan)

luxe - rosewood cakes, glasgow scotland

#7 Wildflower and foliage

Nature and the outdoors are a key feature of 2017 weddings, these cake designs bring the outside in! Smaller detailed trailing flowers and lots of greenery are central to these designs. (photo Rhiannon Neale Photography)

wildflower - rosewood cakes

#8 Double-sided cakes

Compromise with your other half or if you just can’t decide what design to go for! For the cake below, the happy couple opted for the lyrics from their first dance...

kasabian - rosewood cakes glasgow

#9 Dessert tables

A great way for foodie couples to offer their guests variety, and they are just so appealing. This couple opted to add some personal family photos to really add some emotive final touches to their display of cake pops, cupcakes and macarons. (photo – John Johnston Photography)

dessert table - rosewood cakes glasgow

#10 Sequins and metallic

This ongoing trend may well be here to stay! Nothing says luxury like a well-incorporated touch of shimmer. Copper is the key colour for next year, and a touch of edible sequins really gives these designs a stylish edge, without being ostentatious.


Thank you to Katie at Wedding Magazine for blogging this feature!  

10 Delicious Trends For 2017 Wedding Cakes