Rose Gold Luxury Wedding Cakes - Rosewood Cakes, Glasgow Scotland

At Rosewood Cakes we always aim for sophistication and elegance in our designs.  One of the best ways to do this is by painting a shimmer lustre on the icing.  This is odourless, tasteless and completely edible, and gives a cake a real luxurious edge without being ostentatious.  

It can be incorporated subtly into the design, as in this Geode Wedding Cake we created for Rex & Rachel at Skibo Castle.    Rachel wanted rose gold to feature in her marbled wedding cake, so we did some subtle rose gold threading through the tiers, as well as two smaller tiers fully painted with rose gold. 

Geode Wedding Cake - Skibo Castle

Geode Wedding Cake - Skibo Castle


A fantastic way to incorporate both rustic and glamour is to go for an iced bottom tier, with buttercreamed top tiers.  The rose gold merges with the buttercream for a watercolour effect, finished off with fresh flowers. 

Rose gold watercoloured buttercream on an iced base, fresh roses and thistles

In the cake below, the rose gold alternating tiers marry beautifully with the wedgewood tiers and neutral ruffle roses.  Photography by Tandem Photo

Rose Gold Wedgewood Wedding Cake - Rosewood Cakes Glasgow

This stunning trio of cakes incorporate modern and vintage trends, with the lustre, sequins, ruffles and sugar orchids, peonies and roses.