Naked Wedding Cakes, Semi-Naked Wedding Cakes, Buttercream Wedding Cakes - Laid Back, Rustic Vibes for Minimal Chic Scottish Weddings!

BAAD - Martin Venherm Photography - Little White Cow Decor - Wedding Flowers by Susan

BAAD - Martin Venherm Photography - Little White Cow Decor - Wedding Flowers by Susan

We continue to be amazed by the rocketing popularity of semi-naked wedding cake styles! Initially we thought it was just a fad, but more and more of you opt for this rustic-style of cake, which has way more design options than you might think! At Rosewood Cakes, we strive to make every wedding cake a centrepiece to wow your guests, with the most delicious gourmet flavour combinations for foodies!

Mar Hall - Semi-Naked Wedding Cake with Scottish flowers, herbs and fruits

Mar Hall - Semi-Naked Wedding Cake with Scottish flowers, herbs and fruits

This is our most requested style - it feeds 120 large portions. What your’e looking for in a cake like this, is straight, sharp edges, smooth buttercream and STABILITY! Without the icing to hold these cakes together, they can be less stable than their sugarpaste counterparts - but don’t worry, our cakes are carefully made and assembled to stay upright and intact!

Lindores Abbey Distillery - Geometric iced base - flowers from Oor Fleurs

Lindores Abbey Distillery - Geometric iced base - flowers from Oor Fleurs

Adding an iced base to a semi-naked gives you so many design options! Here we have an alternative hexagon geometric with copper, or below a minimal shimmer copper.

Crear Weddings - Copper Shimmer base with herbs

Crear Weddings - Copper Shimmer base with herbs

This watercoloured iced base is one of our most requested styles of naked wedding cake! Easily adapted to your wedding colours, this also looks fab with pops of gold leaf flecked along it.

Rowallan Castle - Watercolour Base Semi-Naked Wedding Cake

Rowallan Castle - Watercolour Base Semi-Naked Wedding Cake

Rustic and minimal styles of wedding cake have so much scope beyond naked cakes - how about paired back chocolate ganache coating? Or colouring the buttercream?

BAAD - Chocolate Ganache and Buttercream Wedding Cakes - with Martin Venherm Photography and the Little White Cow decor

BAAD - Chocolate Ganache and Buttercream Wedding Cakes - with Martin Venherm Photography and the Little White Cow decor

BAAD - Gourmet Dessert Tables and Buttercream Wedding Cakes

BAAD - Gourmet Dessert Tables and Buttercream Wedding Cakes

And if you can’t decide which one to have…. then why not have them all?! Thanks to Wedding Flowers by Susan for the amazing table arrangement, Little White Cow for the neon, l and Martin Venherm Photography

BAAD - Wedding Cakes Glasgow Scotland - Rosewood Cakes - Naked Wedding Cake

Luxury Wedding Cakes Scotland - Show-stopping Centrepieces to WOW your guests

At Rosewood Cakes, we specialise in luxurious, high end wedding cakes.  All our designs are bespoke to your wedding style, and even our gourmet sponges are created with your favourite flavours in mind.

Scotlands best luxury wedding cakes - rosewood wedding cakes glasgow

Wedding Flowers by Susan   |      Paul McGugan Photography     |        Unbridaled

We have been delighted to work with the most fabulous weddings, in Scotland's most exclusive and stylish venues, including Skibo Castle, Stirling Castle, Loch Lomond Golf Club, Prestonfield.....  

We absolutely love creating cake art for our clients, it's an absolute passion for us and we are utterly dedicated to our craft.    

If you're looking for opulent - extravagant - luxurious - eye-popping - jaw-dropping - astounding wedding cakes then please do get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you. 

rosewood wedding cakes glasgow - beautiful luxury weddings scotland
rosewood wedding cakes - beautiful luxury wedding cakes glasgow scotland

Three Tier Wedding Cakes Glasgow - from Rosewood Cakes, creator of beautiful and artistic cake designs!

If you're not familiar with Rosewood Cakes, then thanks for stopping by to read our news! We are husband and wife team Edwina & Chris McNulty, and it's our mission to create show-stopping centrepiece wedding cakes that wow your guests. Every design we make is unique to you and your wedding style.  We love to incorporate different colours and textures, and a little bit of artistic flair into your wedding cake design!

Photo | Fotomaki                       Venue | The Engine Works                 Flowers | Briar Rose Design

Photo | Fotomaki                       Venue | The Engine Works                 Flowers | Briar Rose Design

We create wedding cakes in all shapes and sizes, but the most popular request is a three tier cake which feeds around 120 guests.  With that in mind, we wanted to show you some of our most recent wedding cake designs.   All our flowers and decoration are handmade from sugar, we put our heart and soul into making your cake, and use only the best ingredients.     We'll make any flavour you like, and particularly recommend our sticky toffee and salted caramel, or one of our newest flavour is flying out of the kitchen - peaches, prosecco and cream.


three tier wedding cake glasgow scotland rosewood wedding cakes

You'll find lots of information on our website, instagram and facebook pages.  Please do drop us an email on and ask us as many questions as you need to - we're here to help and we'd love to hear from you!


three tier wedding cake - rosewood wedding cakes glasgow scotland
three tier wedding cake glasgow scotland - rosewood wedding cakes
three tier wedding cake rosewood cakes glasgow scotland
three tier wedding cake glasgow - rosewood wedding cakes scotland
three tier wedding cake - rosewood cakes glasgow scotland
three tier wedding cake - rosewood wedding cakes glasgow scotland

Glasgow Wedding Cake Prices - Top 5 Reasons Used To Calculate Our Prices At Rosewood Cakes

Luxury Wedding Cakes Scotland - Calculating the costs and why the price of a beautiful three tier wedding cake in Glasgow is worth every penny.  And a few tips on how you can reduce the price to fit in with your budget, whilst still getting top quality!

Photo by  Craig & Eva Sanders  at  Kinross House   organised by  Premier Wedding Planners   Fresh flower base by  Mood Flowers

Photo by Craig & Eva Sanders at Kinross House  organised by Premier Wedding Planners

Fresh flower base by Mood Flowers

At Rosewood Cakes, we spend days making our bespoke wedding cakes from scratch, designing cakes is a real labour of love for us!  They do say when you do a job you love, you never work another day in your life right?    We put our heart and soul into every aspect of the process, from the initial client meeting down to working with your wedding venue to ensure a seamless experience.    

Determining pricing on our cakes is an aspect we sometimes find ourselves explaining, not because our clients question our worth, but because cake making and design can be baffling to many!  And we completely understand - if you describe your wedding style to me I can immediately build a picture in my head of a wedding cake to reflect you.   Clients often find this part of the process quite difficult, and we're often told 'I've never designed a cake before!' It's all so new and somewhat alien!  Because cakes are a borderline obsession with us, we find this part simple.  But when it comes to things like re-decorating a room in my house, I find it very difficult to picture what furniture will work together and how it gets placed in a room, and also the costs and labour involved.  We totally get that it can feel a little overwhelming.

I decided to write this blog to break down some of the mysteries of our process, and how this this affects the pricing of our cakes.   Not all wedding cakes are made the same, and when you come to Rosewood Cakes we guarantee that the utmost love and care and attention goes into your cake.    So let's take away the top 5 reasons that affect your cake price!

Rosewood Wedding Cakes Glasgow Scotland


1. All our sponges are made from scratch

Every sponge is baked in our kitchen, hand-made by us.  If you think that all wedding cakes are baked from scratch then that is definitely not the case!  Buying ready-made sponges to cover with buttercream and icing is a huge business.  We're not going to say it's not a tempting prospect - all those hours of greasing and lining cake tins, and the perpetual pile of washing up would be eliminated!   But we will absolutely NEVER not use freshly baked sponges.  The fundamental aspect of Rosewood Cakes was to make delicious cakes, the beautiful decor came later!  We're serious foodies, and the thought of offering five generic flavours would be utterly dull to us.  We spend days every week baking all your delicious sponges, and this takes time.  Not to mention the costs involved in buying professional ovens and paying the energy bills.    All that time taken needs to be covered, hence this being a main factor in determining wedding cake prices. 

2.All our flavours are bespoke

As we said, we're serious foodies and truly believe your wedding cake should be delicious - it should be the best cake you've ever eaten in your life!    So why shouldn't the flavours be bespoke to you too?  We have spent so much time refining our recipes, from the entire summer spent trialling vegan ingredients to ensure that our vegan wedding cakes were not a substandard version of our ordinary recipes (hey why should you miss out on good food just because you have dietary requirements?!) to the multiple versions we made of a caramelised pear and cardamon cake to get it just right for our grooms family.   If you tell us a flavour you're interested in, we'll give you ideas to add twists on it.  Like the sound of the orange and pomegranate cake?  (it's delicious) then add cardamon and yoghurt for a middle eastern twist, or add cinnamon and almond for some spanish vibes, or substitute the orange curd for sour cherries....  We can talk about cake for hours!  Our expertise in baking and patisserie is not something you can find easily.

3. Our wedding cakes are loving covered with white chocolate ganache and artisan icing

After we fill and stack your delicious artisan sponges, we cover each cake with a layer of white chocolate ganache.  This is a high quality white chocolate (30% cocoa) melted down with double cream, it preserves your cake and gives the beautiful sharp edges and straight sides.  This takes hours to make and apply, and it takes a lot of practice to do it properly!   It is the most expensive way of covering a cake due to the costs of the ingredients and the time involved.  Slapping on a layer of buttercream would take a fraction of the time and costs involved, but once you try and cover with icing you will often find the the filling bulges and you don't get the clean, sharp lines.    At Rosewood Cakes, we focus on every detail and never cut corners, with the aim of a flawless finish to your cake.    When it comes to the icing, there are numerous brands out there, with different prices.  You can buy supermarket icing very cheaply - it tends to be sticky and tears very easily, giving a messy finish.  It doesn't taste great either, and it has to be applied thickly, giving great big mouthfuls of icing!  We use the best quality icing available, which is imported from Switzerland.  Unfortunately it happens to be the most expensive, the best quality doesn't come cheap!  This can be rolled extremely thin, down to 2mm, so you get less icing and more delicious cake!

4. Painstaking detail in handmade sugarwork

We are often told that clients think the flowers on our cakes are real!  This is the best compliment we can be paid, as we spend so much time making them.   Of all the photos on this page, only one cake has fresh flowers on it - can you tell which one?   Take the cake above which was shot by Neil Thomas Douglas Photography.   How long do you think it took to make the flowers?    It took about ten hours, with the flowers being left to set overnight.  Then take into account how much practice and training went into the flowerwork to be able to achieve this finish.  They say it takes 10.000 hours to become an expert in something, and goodness we can't be far off that total now.  There are times my hand cramps into a claw shape from so much flowerwork!  

5. Artistic Design Flair

We make every cake differently at Rosewood Cakes - even if you have an idea in mind of a cake design you like, we'll suggest twists and changes to create a design unique to you.  We don't make run of the mill cakes with generic designs, when you come to us you are having experienced cake artists design your cake, using skills we have spent years developing.   Take the bijou little cake above, the brief was to have a design which looked like stormy Scottish skies.  We used different textures to create the effect of the storm breaking, and the sun peeking through the clouds, with hints of blue sky and sunbeams trying to shine down on our windswept countryside!   We are always seeking to improve, always learning new skills and we believe it's fair to consider this when calculating our costs.   When you ask us to design you a cake, we will bring you the same dedication and passion.  



snow cake day rosewood cakes wedding cakes glasgow.jpg

At the time of writing, the three cakes pictured above cost between £395 and £595, which we believe to be very reasonable given the time and costs involved.   We completely understand that everyone has different budgets, so please do not be afraid to let us know what you have in mind to spend on a cake.  We will offer you suggestions for how we can make you a cake to fit in with your budget as far as we can.   If you'd like to skip a consultation and tasting, and organise your cake via phone or email then this reduces the price.  We have a very good reputation and our reviews on facebook and google show the trust our clients have in us!  Generally, the less detail involved then the cheaper the price.  We can do plainly iced cakes that you can add fresh flowers to, and collecting the cake instead of having us deliver will also reduce the price. 

We are not the cheapest cake maker on the market, and we wouldn't want to be either!  We take a lot of pride on our work and our clients do too.  If you'd like to chat with us about how we can create your dream cake then please do get in touch!  We love meeting with couples and hearing all about your wedding plans, and are here to ensure that you get the cake of your dreams.  You can contact us directly on, or via the contact form on the website.  Thanks for reading! 

Edwina & Chris

Naked Wedding Cakes - Semi-Naked Wedding Cakes - Rustic Wedding Cakes

A few years ago when everyone was doing vintage and shabby-chic inspired weddings, I thought the naked cake was just a fad.   But they are here to stay!  We get endless queries for them, so I thought i'd get on the blog for the first time this year *red cheeks* and get started back on our updates.  If you're thinking of ordering a naked wedding cake then you've come to the right place, but whether you order from us or someone else, please do read the information below!  

At the fabulous Mar Hall! 

At the fabulous Mar Hall! 

OK so anyone can make a tiered naked cake for a wedding right?  WRONG!   They may look simple but they are deceptively irksome.  They are much less stable than their iced counterparts, so very careful assembly is required to not only keep them upright, but keep them straight!     Rustic wedding cakes are meant to be simple, but shouldn't be so laid back that they are all wonky or have bulges at the sides.  

Honestly, I've lost count of the amount of times venues have told me that they've walked into the reception room and found the naked cake collapsed on the floor.  That never happens when we make your cake however!  

Other considerations are that the naked wedding cakes dry out quickly, whereas an iced cake will keep for a week.  It's paramount that the sponges are freshly baked and managed carefully to ensure that you still get a moist, fluffy sponge.    The filling ingredients are key here too.  My absolute pet hate is margarine being used for buttercream, it's utterly vile.  We use the best quality unsalted butter, no supermarket brands here!  Not that I have any issue with supermarket brands, it's just that when it comes to butter it really has to be the best quality.  Which in this case, invariably means the most expensive.  


The swoonsome Crear Weddings! 

The swoonsome Crear Weddings! 

When it comes to the decor of naked wedding cakes,  they are surprisingly versatile, and lend themselves to trends and can even have a element of glamour.     One of our favourite ways to make the naked cakes is to have an iced base, which allows for some added style!  In the above cake, we went for a modern shimmering copper base, mixed into the buttercream for an ombre watercolour effect, and then decorated with fresh herbs.  Simple, contemporary, beautiful.


Beautiful Rowallan Castle - image by  Jarvie & Jones

Beautiful Rowallan Castle - image by Jarvie & Jones

In the above cake we painted dusky lavenders and peaches onto the icing in a watercolour effect, which matched in beautifully with the flowers.   The quality of flowers on your wedding cake are really very important!    They should be attached by an experienced florist who will understand never to put any toxic flowers near food, and that the stems of the flowers and leaves should be taped up and inserted into a pick so that the cake will never be contaminated by sap.


Super cool Lindores Abbey & Distillery

Super cool Lindores Abbey & Distillery

On that note, I stood and watched Sophie from Oor Fleurs spend TWO HOURS wiring each individual stem and arrange them on this cake.  I kid you not, the girl has serious dedication to her cause!  

We get so many requests for vegan wedding cakes and dairy free wedding cakes, we usually do recommend the semi-naked cakes for these options.   We've spent actual months perfecting our recipes so they taste just as good as the non-vegan and gluten recipes.    A big bonus for the naked cakes is that they are a lot more cost-effective than iced cakes too.

Please do not hesitate to give us a shout if we can help with any of your queries, we love chatting cake!  

Edwina & Chris

Food Writing - Recipe Features in the Sunday Herald from Rosewood Cakes

We are over the moon to have been asked to write recipe features for the Sunday Herald for the second year running.  Food is an absolute passion for us, and nothing makes us happier than pottering about in our kitchen, developing delicious new recipes. 

You can read the full article in the Sunday Herald here;

One half of the Rosewoods!  That's me (Edwina) with Holly, 7 and Charlie, 3.

One half of the Rosewoods!  That's me (Edwina) with Holly, 7 and Charlie, 3.

I was asked to write a feature specifically for the Christmas Eve publication date, where families might want to make a dessert for Christmas Day but don't have time to do lots of shopping, nor do they want to be stuck in the kitchen when they could be enjoying precious family time.  

I devised three recipes that were not only fun to make with the children, but also safe for them to get involved!  It would be lovely to make fudge and Christmas sweeties with the children, but boiling sugar and little ones are not a good combination.   There will be some mess, but that's part of the fun, so get their sleeves rolled up, pinnies on and prepare for some sticky faces!

If you're reading this outwith the festive period, then not to worry - these recipes are totally adaptable depending on what you have in the cupboards, and will be just as lovely in the summer!


herald 3.jpg

A festive berry pavolva wreath.  Who doesn't love a pavlova?  It's perfect in summer too.  And if the meringue cracks then pop into some glass tumblers and you have a fabulous Eton Mess!

Panettone Ice Cream Bombe - this will work with any sponge, or brioche.  You could even use a sliced up swiss roll.  This is truly delicious, feel free to get creative with the filling flavours, there's not really much room for error. 

Panettone Ice Cream Bombe - this will work with any sponge, or brioche.  You could even use a sliced up swiss roll.  This is truly delicious, feel free to get creative with the filling flavours, there's not really much room for error. 

I just love to chat about food, so please do feel free to get in touch through social media or on if I can help with any cooking related queries!

Happy Cooking!!!


herald 1.jpg

Watercolour Wedding Cakes - 2018 Cake Trend Extraordinaire!

The runaway trend for 2018 wedding cakes here at Rosewood Cakes is beautiful  watercolours and painted cakes!  Many of our couples are seeking bolder colours and artistic flair in their wedding decor style and details 


The painting is as vibrant or as subtle as you like, and is brought to life by little speckles of real gold leaf.  It works just as well on smooth finished ornamental cakes, as it does on rustic styles!  


Here we have mixed tiers of buttercream and sugarpaste, for a beautiful rustic style at  Rowallan Castle

Here we have mixed tiers of buttercream and sugarpaste, for a beautiful rustic style at Rowallan Castle

Here we have watercolour chocolate - a striking effect with drip cakes!

Here we have watercolour chocolate - a striking effect with drip cakes!

Lovely autumnal vibes with the berry tones and sugar flowers!  At the swoonsome  House for an Art Lover.

Lovely autumnal vibes with the berry tones and sugar flowers!  At the swoonsome House for an Art Lover.

A shimmering copper tier with copper watercolour streaks through the buttercream and decorated with fragrant fresh herbs - perfect for a modern rustic wedding at the inimitable  Crear

A shimmering copper tier with copper watercolour streaks through the buttercream and decorated with fragrant fresh herbs - perfect for a modern rustic wedding at the inimitable Crear

And they work very well in miniature too!  

And they work very well in miniature too!  

Free-from Wedding Cakes - Vegan wedding Cakes, Gluten-free wedding cakes, Egg-free Wedding Cakes and Dairy-free Wedding Cakes -

More and more often we find ourselves being asked if we cater for allergies and dietary requirements.   In fact, almost every wedding we work for has at least one guest with a special request when it comes to the food.

Well here at Rosewood Cakes we pride ourselves on having truly delicious and innovative recipes that are freshly baked to order, and that applies to all our requests!  Chris and I spent several months trialling different substitute ingredients before we found the perfect recipes, practically indistinguishable from our base recipes.

blog 1 rosewood wedding cakes.jpg

We made a four tier vegan wedding cake covered with sugar flowers for Jade, along with vegan tablet favours for her guests. She left us a lovely review on our facebook page saying;

Rosewood Cakes - Wedding Cakes Glasgow, Scotland — 5 star
about 10 months ago
Edwina created the most beautiful vegan wedding cake for myself and my husband! She also made loads of cupcakes for us to try the flavours beforehand! Thank you so much Edwina !!

ayr shoot 2.jpg

Gluten free recipes are our most popular free-from request.  We use the best quality of gluten free flour available, and always make samples for our customers.  Recently we made some gluten free wedding cake samples for our bride to be Grace, who sent us a text afterwards saying;

They taste fab!  Just to double check they're gluten free?  Gluten free never tastes that good!

watercolour drip trio - ingliston weddings - rosewood wedding cakes glasgow scotland.jpg

We understand the importance of your requirements, and of course are fully approved by the council and undergo health and safety inspections.     Often we will make one tier of the wedding  cake free-from, so that everyone in can enjoy a slice.  Sometimes couples prefer to offer a box of cupcakes too.  

If you have special requests for your wedding cake please do get in touch with us to arrange a consultation, we'd love to hear from you!


Edwina & Chris


Stunning Russian-Scottish Wedding Cake at Mount Stuart House, Bute

I have wanted to visit the spectacular Mount Stuart House for years, so I was absolutely delighted when I was asked to be involved in Irina & Jon's beautiful destination wedding, and design them a wedding cake that reflected their Russian and Scottish heritage.

Mount Stuart is regarded as Britain's finest example of Victorian Gothic architecture, and the cake was displayed in the astounding zodiac hall, which has the astrological signs painted on the ceiling


Not to mention a marble chapel, which changes colour at sunset!  Here you can see our two littlest cupcakes Holly & Charlie :)  We got a lovely tour of the house, thanks to the wonderful staff who were so welcoming.

For the cake we made the bottom tier Black Watch tartan to match the kilts, with a shimmering gold smaller tier for some added luxe.  The top two tiers were handpainted in a traditional Russian folk pattern for leaves and flowers, with some added thistles.  Cute little Babushka doll toppers finished it off.

I do love handpainting on a cake, with this design we got the perfect balance of formal and luxurious yet laid back and creative.

Rosewood Wedding Cakes @ Jordana Events & The Bridal Garden Glasgow -

Our cakes on display at the wondrous  Jordana Events and Bridal Garden whose shop is in Glasgow west end -  713 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G12 8QX, 0141 337 1117

Jordana Events & Bridal Garden - Rosewood Cakes Exceptional Wedding Cakes Glasgow Scotland

Living and working in the west end of Glasgow, I've always been aware of the exceptional Jordana Events & The Bridal Garden in Great Western Road Glasgow.  Their stunningly beautiful couture wedding dresses and lavash floral displays in the shop window would always catch my attention as I went past.  Jordana creates extravagant weddings at the highest level, and it's no wonder she's made a name for herself as having the best bridal shop in Glasgow. 

I was absolutely over the moon when Jordana asked me to create a collection of spectacular, luxury wedding cakes to display in her shop.   I knew immediately I wanted to create the most elaborately detailed sugar flowers display on a show-stopping wedding cake. 

Sugar Flower Detail - peonies, roses, gyp, hydrangeas and freesias

Sugar Flower Detail - peonies, roses, gyp, hydrangeas and freesias

The flowers took over a week to make, with each petal being cut, veined, wired, dried, brushed with the faintest neutral colours and then fixed together.  It's a real labour of love!  They were fixed to the wedding cake in a spectacular double cascade, in a loose, ornamental style.    I used mixed-height tiers to give an elegant silhouette, it's all in the small details which attract the eye.  I'm so pleased with the result, it's an undeniably high-end, luxury wedding cake which looks beautiful.

rosewood cakes - jordana events - bridal garden - glasgow - high end weddings

For my second wedding cake, I wanted to add some texture to the icing and go for a pure, clean white on white finish.  

rosewood cakes - luxury wedding cakes glasgow - jordana events bridal garden

I made the bas relief in a woodland style, with little acorns and flowers and leaves.  I like the contrast between the decor being natural and ornamental, and all the little details that draw you in closer to take a second look.   I used mixed height tiers again, this time also incorporating square tiers. 

rosewood cakes jordana events weddings

The third cake was designed for a styled shoot which is set for publication soon, so I'll chat more about that later!  Here's a wee close up in the meantime :)




Luxury Tuscan-Inspired Styled Shoot with Suzanne Li Photography at Windmill Barn Weddings

When my lovely friend Suzie asked me to be involved in her new shoot, I immediately jumped at the chance!  She's so talented, and puts so much work into the planning of the shoot, that they always turn out beautifully.    We were all delighted when the photos were published on the amazing wedding blog Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, yay!

Rosewood Cakes - Modern, alternative wedding cake

We took a modern, alternative approach to the wedding cake, going for the popular 'concrete' effect. Flecks of silver leaf brightened the matt grey, and we went for marsala open peonies and buds, all made from sugar, which added to the warmth and autumnal feel of the shoot. 

rosewood cakes - glasgows best wedding cakes

Whimsical Wonderland Weddings said, 'We’re getting all luxe in the country today with these divine wedding ideas, curated and shot by Suzanne Li Photography. The setting, Windmill Barn, based near Edinburgh in Scotland is a real gem. The gardens combined with the barn make the perfect backdrop to this dreamy set of imagery, which features bountiful bouquets laden with dahlias and gorgeous styling. Not to mention exquisite calligraphy stationery, delicate jewels and stylish attire. I warn you, your Pinterest boards will be crammed full of these delightful photos by the end of this feature'


Massive thank you to this amazing bunch of talented wedding suppliers, who all nailed their briefs!  


Photography | Suzanne Li Photography

Venue | Windmill Barn

Dress | Bridal Atelier Scotland

Flowers | A Curious Arrangement

MUA | Jenna Clayton

Hair | Nicola De La Mare

Cake | Rosewood Cakes

Stationery/Calligrapher | Laura E Patrick

Jewellery | Katie Lees

Hand died silks | Pompom Blossom

Models | Anton Puzorjov & Hanna Szczypka

Buttercreamed and Naked Cakes - Simple, Natural, Beautiful - Rosewood Cakes, Luxury Wedding Cakes Glasgow, Scotland

Rustic cakes are here to stay!  They're not just for those who aren't keen on icing, they're perfect for laid-back weddings, with a natural feel.    

Sorn Castle Weddings

Key to the success of these cakes, is the quality of the flowers and foliage used for decoration.  Supermarket flowers really won't cut it here!    You need to be sure also that the florals used are free from pesticides,  are non toxic, and that the stems of the flowers will never touch the actual cake,


Cottiers Weddings

You can really convey the seasons  through the decor, in this cake the gyp, eucalyptus, white roses and red berries (these are made from sugar) show this is a winter wedding cake. 

You can take the buttercream right down to the bare minimum, so the sponge below shows through.   The waxflower crowns, so intricately made, stop this cake having a 'home-made' look, provided by Jen at Wildflower Florist  (not that we have anything against home-made cakes at all, but when you're buying a cake from a professional it should have a professional edge).  The gold-dusted macarons add a touch of glamour, and balance out the style of this cake, making the overall look chic. 


An alternative choice is to go for a delectable display of icing-free cakes for your guests to help themselves to.  Adorned with fruits and flowers, these are so appetising. 

Carlowrie Castle Weddings

An iced base  with a shimmer metallic colour provides a perfect foil to the rustic top tiers.  These are naked cakes gone glamorous!  Florals by Mood Flowers

The Cruin Weddings

Textured buttercream and stunning florals that match the bouquet, provided by the fantastic Floral Menagerie

Trades Hall Weddings

Succulents give this cake an alternative edge.  Provided by Mood Flowers

Suspended Chandelier Wedding Cake - St Andrews in the Square Weddings - Rosewood Cakes, Luxury Wedding Cakes, Glasgow, Scotland

Earlier this year I teamed up with some of the industry's most talented wedding suppliers to create this outlandish dark dream of a shoot.   We really wanted to push the boundaries, and which icon could convey this theme better than Marie Antoinette, a woman who decorated her hair with boats and birds?  All the individual aspects of the styling needed to be lavish in a manner befitting our muse.  The end result was a fusion of gothic and rococo drama; brilliantly captured in light and dark tones by Tandem Photo.  We have floral collars by the fabulous Floral Menagerie, a suspended cake and pure beauty in these shots.    No one could have conveyed Marie Antoinette better than our beautiful model Sian Finlayson   We were delighted when our work was published on the amazing Way Out Wedding blog, massive thanks to lovely Erin Balfour for loving these images as much as we did. 






Supplier shout out;

Photography - Tandem Photo

Accessories - Modiste

Model - Sian Finlayson

Venue - St Andrews in the Square

Hair & Make Up - Laura Gray Hair Beauty Bridal

Floristry - Floral Menagerie

Ayrshire wedding shoot - Beach Wedding Cake - Rosewood Cakes, Luxury Wedding Cakes Glasgow, Scotland

I was recently lucky enough to work with the amazingly talented Suzanne Li Photography on this beautiful golden hour beach shoot.  Some of Scotland's best suppliers collaborated to create these beautiful images, which have just been published on the awesome Rock My Wedding blog!    The whole evening has been captured in this stunning little teaser from Cinemate

sl4 sl1 - rosewood wedding cakes glasgow scotland.jpg

Photographer - Suzanne Li

Flowers - Abby Webb

Videography -  Cinemate

Dress- Unbridaled

Make Up - Make Up At Home

Hair - Nicola de la Mare

Models - Marlies Roland & MIchael Dykes

Suit - Slaters

Calligraphy - Laura Elizabeth Patrick

Stationery - Emilie Rose